Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Y Kan't Tori Not Suk?

I heard the new Tori Amos song (Sleeps With Butterflies, or something like that) the other day, and just as I feared, it more or less sucks. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Tori Amos, she kicks ass (or at least she used to). In fact, my Hunnybunny and I go and see her almost every time she comes to town. It just seems like after "Boys For Pele" her songs just don't have the power and, what the French would call "that certain I don't know what it is" that they used to.

I think her big problem is she's happy now. She's married, well-off, has a kid; everything is going well...too well. She's living proof that you have to suffer to write well. By continuing to put out new material, she's becoming the next Paul McCartney. He used to be on top of the musical world, and now no one notices if he puts out a new record. That's the fate awaiting Tori, if she continues down this road. Her spark is gone now, and that's too bad.

Or is it? I've thought a lot about it (probably way too much) and I've come to this conclusion: writing music was obviously very therapeutic for her, and helped her get through some really troubling issues in her past (being raped, self-mutilation, the fact that she's turned on by the thought of being eaten by a crocodile, etc.). So now she's in a far better place, is living well and doesn't have to feel so goddamn bad all the time. And we got some truly great music out of it as well. So good for her. Just stop with the new songs, Tori...unless you get a divorce or something. Man, would I like to hear the record she would put out after that!


At 8:58 PM, Blogger Randi said...

I'm not that into Tori, but artist usually play or sing about stuff that is going on in their life...if they are happy, I dont think their music is as good. Sorta like you could spend all day trying to set your friend up with someone, but the second you find someone, you become less interested in setting them up....

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Maria said...

It's rare to find a guy who likes Tori. I am a huge fan and I agree with you about her latest stuff. There's no angst, no anger. But she's Tori and I will always love her.


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